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Kaela H.

This Taekwondo studio has to be one of the best in the south bay.  It is definitely not centered on profits but student-focused.  Master Shim, the owner and head master, has trained in Korea… so the techniques are clean, authentic, and less diluted.

I have started Taekwondo at another great institution and had high standards when I moved down to the San Jose area.  I did not want to settle for less since my black belt was worth so much to me.  I found this studio to be serious but fostered a wonderful and comfortable learning environment.  They focus on the Korean culture and philosophy while they teach Taekwondo.

I have come to appreciate such a rare Taekwondo studio after visiting another one.  In fact, I have become a volunteer teaching assistant for the adults color belt class to give back to the studio.  This class consists of two black belt instructors trained at UC Berkeley, world-class Taekwondo institution.  The adult beginning/intermediate class starts up every quarter.  The students are dedicated to the cause of learning and have upheld the philosophy behind this studio.

Beno H.

instructors explain techniques thoroughly, especially the reasons behind techniques instead of just how to do them, which really helps in the long run.  they take a holistic approach to the martial art, knowing that taekwondo’s strength lies in the combination of many aspects, that if you sacrifice any of these, it just doesn’t work.  also, the school in touch with the korean culture side of taekwondo.  the instructors are well-educated, not just thugs.  they can really articulate concepts.

the adult classes are very social and fun, co-ed.  we go out and have dinner/drinks, party, go on snow trips, go clubbing.  it’s a really fun environment for young adults or even not-so-young adults who want to be young.  even though some people think that a macho, beat-down environment is best for martial arts, you’ve got to consider this: if it’s not fun, you won’t practice.  if you don’t practice, you won’t be any good.  what’s the use in being a guy who “used to practice martial arts?!”

Mark L.

The best thing about this studio is the environment created by the instructors and all the students.    The class is catered to co-ed and adult beginners.   The social interactions make starting Taekwondo less intimidating and enjoyable.

If you are interested in building a network of friends with an affinity for learning/practicing Taekwondo, USTA is a great place.

The quantity and quality of the instructors are great too.  They are all in their 20’s and 30’s with full time jobs (speak english fluently) who have dedicated a part of their lives to volunteer and give back.   Many of the instructors trained (and are training) at national levels and come from UC Berkeley’s Taekwondo team.

Priya V.

My 6 yr old daughter has been attending USTKD Academy for over a year. It has been a very positive experience for her. The instructors are very friendly and helpful. They are also very well trained to help little kids. Learning martial arts is about self-defense and building discipline. This is very well engrained in the students of USTKD academy. Students are encouraged to ask questions. It is a very fun, kid-friendly martial arts school. Highly recommend!

Ganapathy C.

I’m just a yellow belt here, but love the training.

The instructors and students are super fun and so are the parties.

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