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General Information

Our facility is conveniently located and offers spacious work out space for everyone. We have separate dressing rooms for men and women each equipped with shelves.

  • Fitting Room. Put your shoes and clothes on shelves neatly. Do not touch other student’s bag or belongings. Also do not bring any valuables to the academy. U.S. Tae Kwon Do Academy is not responsible for any lost or stolen valuables.

  • Attendance System. Your attendance card will be prepared for you when you enroll into our program. Every time you come to class, check in at the counter and see how you progress.

  • Vacations or Extended Absence. If you will be missing classes for more than a week, please notify the academy so that you may add the time to the end of your program or can make up when you return.

  • Sparring. Students are allowed to start sparring after they reach the rank of yellow belt. However, due to mandatory insurance regulations all students who will be attending sparring class must have proper equipment that is available at the academy. Please see office manager or instructor regarding the equipment.

  • Belt Promotion Examination. We have a promotional exam every three months. You must have attended a minimum of 10 classes since your first day and you must have permission from the instructor. Your requirements for the promotion exam are in oral and physical techniques taught to you during class time. Information per rank level is readily available for you to review and study.

  • Lesson – Arrive 10 minutes before the lesson. Bow to the flag when entering or leaving the academy. Bow to the Master Instructor, and Higher Rank Belt. No talking during class.

  • Holidays – U.S. Tae Kwon Do Academy is closed on all National Holidays.

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