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Dear U.S TaeKwonDo Academy families,


We have a great news! U.S TaeKwonDo Academy will be OPEN Finally in full Swing!!


The latest update from the Santa Clara County Department of Health allows U.S TaeKwonDo Academy to provide programs for children up to 8 students at a time. In order to prepare for reopening, here is what the time line will look like.


OPENING WEEK (Monday Wednesday Friday start

3:50~4:30pm - In studio


4:40~5:20pm - In studio


5:30~6:10pm - In studio


6:20~7:00pm - In studio


7:10~8:00pm - In studio


The schedule is temporary based on the response from each family


Please choose a time either online or In studio( Mon/ Wed/Fri, three times a week)


Please send the appropriate time for online/ In Studio as per your convenience with your child name.


It’s a paid class whether you take it online or In studio


Thank you and looking forward to seeing you, in-person, very soon! Until then, please stay safe.

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