Academy Rules

  1. Students are to bow respectfully to the flags when entering or leaving the academy and upon the first encounter with your instructor.
  2. Address your instructor as “Sa-Bum-Nim” and respond to any questions or commands from your instructor with “YES SIR” or “NO SIR.”
  3. Discipline yourself to show respect to your fellow students that hold a higher rank belt.
  4. Students should notify instructors in advance of any absence longer than a two-week period.
  5. Horseplay or disrespect of any kind will not be permitted.
  6. No food or soft drinks will be permitted during class.
  7. Students will wear clean Do Bok (uniform) at all times.
  8. Protective equipment is mandatory during sparring.
  9. Arrive 10 minutes before the class is to start and warm-up prior to class.
  10. Unnecessary noise, talking, or laughing during Class will not be permitted.
  11. No sparring or breaking is allowed without the instructor’s supervision.
  12. Remember that Tae Kwon Do is for your health, self-defense, and mental discipline all of which require constant practice.